Steel Mill Pilot Project Results

(An entire division of a large integrated mill)

Process Steps Involved:

  • Pickle
  • Cold Mill
  • Continuous Anneal
  • Batch Anneal
  • Tandem Mill
  • Tin Plate Lines (2)
  • Leveler / Trim / Inspection Line
  • Coil Prep Line
  • Manual Coil Pack
  • Finished Goods Storeroom
  • *The mill’s standard crewing was three shifts, five days/week

Results in 10 months:

  • Days of Inventory reduced by 58% ($17,000,000 tax free cash generated)
  • Lead times cut by 60%
  • On-time Delivery increased from 54 % to 96 % (with Core Customers @ 100%)
  • Customer Complaints cut in half
  • Biggest quality problem, downgrades due to rust, went from 5 % to 0 %
  • Profitability Increased by $5,000,000 per month.
  • Kanban controls implemented and documented throughout the business.  All crews trained. Inter-unit teams formed, trained, and goal curves in place.
  • Six internal facilitators fully trained: complete with all training materials (slides, handouts, checklists, and demonstration materials).  The entire transformation process was thoroughly documented and the training manual distributed to all facilitators

Level of Effort:

  • One Senior Partner: 2 weeks per month, and
  • One Senior Implementation Specialist: 1 week per month

Our simple, powerful, process is typically self-funding within three months, and generating mega-dollar bottom line results in six to nine months.   Our average ROI in the metals industry exceeds 90 to 1.

A complete overview of our Lean Manufacturing conversion process for the Steel Industry is available in our article “Running Steel Lean.”

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