Process Overview

The Rapid Impact™ Process (Overview)

Achieve company-wide bottom-line results right out of the gate!

Conduct a Visioning Session with Top Management to:

  • Introduce lean concepts and techniques
  • Set top-level corporate goals e.g., reduce inventory by 70% & achieve 100% on-time delivery.
  • Identify one or more internal facilitators
  • Set weekly meeting times to review the goal curves vs. actuals
  • Objective: Ensure a united management team with clear goals and direction.

Push the Goals Down Through the Organization:

  • Set Division / Department sub-goals that add to, or exceed corporate goals
  • Clearly identify responsibilities, measurements, etc.
  • Objective: Encourage ownership of goals and establish metrics.

Setting an On-Time improvement goal curve is a key driver for continuous improvement.

Provide Enough Overview Education to Get Started:

  • Conduct four-hour Middle Management classes (overview of the concepts, and techniques.)
  • “Paper House” manufacturing demonstration is performed
  • Share the corporate goals and critical need to achieve them
  • Hold 45-minute awareness sessions with all employees to explain basic Lean concepts and corporate goals.
  • Answer the question: “What does this mean to me?”
  • Objective: Educate and motivate all employees to buy into and support management’s Lean vision.

Hold Targeted blitzes:

  • Identify issues raised by the inventory reductions
  • Teach the applicable lean techniques
  • Conduct intensive targeted blitzes to overcome the issues
  • Implement kanban controls where applicable
  • Identify “customer / supplier” unit teams
  • Set unit goals
  • Leave an ongoing team in place
  • Note: Blitz teams periodically present their results to the appropriate level TMAC
  • Objective: Take immediate corrective actions to resolve issues and generate Quantum improvements NOW.

Review Actual Progress Vs. Goal Curves:

  • Done religiously at the TMAC weekly meeting
  • Require cause and corrective actions from any group that is below their goal curve.
  • Objective: Maintain ongoing operational level accountability for goal attainment.

“Re-Visioning” Session:

(held after about four to six months of progress)

  • New issues will have been discovered
  • Requests for funding will arise
  • Goals will be reviewed and adjusted / re-apportioned if necessary
  • Additional techniques and “implications” will be discussed
  • Lean philosophy and techniques are re-visited
  • Customer / Supplier visits are planned.
  • Objective: Assess progress on stated goals, establish new goals, and adjust implementation approach as needed.

Hands-On Group basic beliefs for makingthe transition to World Class operating performance

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