Transitioning to Lean Manufacturing?   Benchmark Your Progress.

Within 9-12 months you should expect:

Cash Generation via permanent inventory reduction:
20-40% of total inventory $’s (typically millions of dollars)

Lead Time Reduction:
40 – 60% of overall lead times.

Delivery Performance:
Near Perfect: 98%+

Quality, Productivity, Profitability:
Quantum tangible improvements

Internal Facilitators Trained & Process Documented.

Continuous Improvement Process Firmly in Place

Natural Work Teams formed, goals established, progress tracked

An effective “lean” transition produces significant GLOBAL results.  Not just “pockets” of performance.

We speak with companies all the time.  They tell us “we’re already doing a lean transition”.  Yet, when we ask them what kind of results they’ve gotten, this is the sort of response we get:

Pockets of Excellence: “We’ve had outstanding results in the xyz area”.  However, when you probe a little further you find that the effect to date on the entire company bottom line is un-detectable.

Un-Focused Training: “We’ve put all 400 of our people through two weeks of lean training.  Our in-house ‘trainers’ have all been through extensive coursework and are now lean certified.”  Ask the same question: What’s the impact been on the total company bottom line?  Dead silence.

“Study” In Place of Action: “We’ve documented all our processes.  We’ve flow charted.  We’ve Value Stream Mapped.  We’ve done standard-work studies.  We now have an entire 3-ring notebook full of data.”  What’s the impact been on overall company well-being?  Virtually no change.

Solutions Looking for a Problem: We’ve 5 S’ed six different areas.  We’ve got teams in place.  We’ve done a multitude of kaisen blitzes.  Lots of activity.  No direction.  Result: Minimal impact on the bottom line.

We have green belts, and black belts, and certifications,...  But NO RESULTS

If your Lean or Six Sigma transition process is producing lots of “activity” with little bottom line substance, it may be time for a new direction.

The Hands-On Group

  • 24 Years of Experience
  • Over 100 Client Sites, World-Wide
  • Consistent, Rapid, Bottom Line Results:
  • Self Funding in 3-4 months
  • Mega-dollar tax-free Cash Generation in 6-9 months
  • Quantum improvements in Quality and Delivery performance
  • Huge increases in Productivity and Profitability
  • A system in place to enforce a Culture of Continuous Improvement

*ROI’s from a Low of 20 to 1 to a High of 150 to 1

If you are not getting these kinds of results, give us a call.  We’ll provide a risk-free assessment including a process overview, expected results, resources required, ROI, and time frames to accomplish.

We’ve got a track record of continuing dramatic bottom-line successes since 1988!   Drop us a note, or give us a call.   There is no charge for a discussion and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Jack B. Harrison
Senior Partner
The Hands-On Group

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