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We’ve been helping companies compete since 1988.  We’ve worked with clients all over the world.  The following results data is but a small sample.
Please note that the majority of these results are company-wide.   They are not small “pilot” areas.
If you have specific questions regarding your unique industry or situation, drop us a note.  Odds are that we’ve dealt with something similar.

Integrated Stainless Steel Mill (Multi-Plant):
$120,000,000 Inventory Reduction
36% Reduction of Lead Times
On-Time Delivery from 62% to 90%
$20,000,000+ Annual Cost Savings
Accomplished in 18 Months!

Electric Motor Manufacturer:
Manufacturing Lead Time Reduced from 4 Days to 3 Hours
95% Reduction in Work-In-Process Inventory
90% Reduction in Completed Sub-assemblies
Space Requirements Reduced by 30%
Complex Scheduling System Replaced with a Simple Linear Pull
Accomplished in 4 Months!

Mail Order Company:
Lead Times Reduced from 2 Weeks to 4 Hours
Inventory Reduced by 60%
Output Per Sq Ft Floor Space Tripled
20% Productivity Gain
Accomplished in 6 Months!

Medical Equipment Manufacturer:
Lead Times Reduced by 87% from 8 Weeks to 5 Days
Inventory Reduced by $1,700,000 (41%)
60% Improvement in Quality
On Time Completions Went from Virtually “Never” to a Consistent 100%
Accomplished in Six Months!

Street Sign Manufacturer:
On Time Delivery Performance Improved from 65% to 99%
Lead Times Cut from 2 Weeks to 3 Days
40% Space Gain
Accomplished in 3 Months!

Label Products Producer:
Setup Time Reduced 72%
Labor Requirements Reduced 33%, While Sales Increased 20%
Accomplished in 12 Months

Motor Manufacturer:
90% Improvement in Productivity
90% Improvement in Quality
Moved From Weekly Schedule to Daily Schedule
Accomplished in 3 Months!

Defense Contractor:
Two Week Lead Time Cut to One Day
54% Reduction in Floor Space
52% Reduction in Rejects
100% Daily Schedule Attainment
Complex Scheduling System Replaced with Simple Kanban Controls
Accomplished in Four Months!

Integrated Carbon Steel Mill (Multi-Plant):
Inventory Reduced by $30,000,000
Lead Times Cut by 30%
Late Deliveries Cut by 67%
$6,000,000+ Annual Cost Savings
Accomplished in 12 Months!

Business Mail Order Company:
Total Inventory Reduced 67% from $6.0 million to $2.0 million
Operating Profit Increased from 9% to 18%
On Time Delivery Improved from 15% to 92%
Manufacturing Floor Space Reduced 40%
Accomplished in 12 Months!

Electrical Components Manufacturer:
Total Plant Inventory Reduced 20%
WIP Inventory Reduced 54%
Lead Times Reduced from 15 Days to 5 Days
Accomplished in 3 Months!

Tin Plated Carbon Steel Mill:
WIP Inventory and Cycle Time Cut By 60%
Total Inventory Reduced by $15,000,000
Average Lot Size Cut by 65%
Average Coil Mass Increased by 9%
On-Time Delivery Raised from 55% to 95%
Customer Complaints Cut by 65%
Profitability Increased by $5,000,000 PER MONTH
Accomplished in 10 Months!

Industrial Fuse Manufacturer:
Six Day Lead Time Cut to One Day
40% Reduction in Floor Space
75% Reduction in Total Inventory
100% Daily Schedule Attainment
Accomplished in Four Weeks!

Integrated Carbon Plate Mill:
Inventory Reduced by $8,000,000 (40%)
On Time Delivery from “Worst” to “First” in Their Industry
$3,600,000 Annual Productivity Gain
Accomplished in 4 Months!

Stainless Steel Finishing Plant:
Total Plant Lead Times Reduced 48%
On Time Delivery Performance Improved From 65% to 92%
External Finished Goods Warehouse Eliminated (no longer required)
Coil Damage Reduced 86%
Accomplished in 8 Months!

Aluminum Finishing Plant:
$18,000,000 Inventory Reduction
Total Plant Lead Times Reduced 22%
$2,200,000 Annual Productivity Gain
Accomplished in 8 Months!

Food Products Producer:
60% Reduction in total Finished Goods Inventory
One Distribution Warehouse Shut Down (no longer required)
Lost Sales Due to “Out of Stock” Reduced 95% from $12,000/day to $600/day
Overall Process Yields Improved From 90% to 99%
Average Setup Time Reduced From 3 Hours to 25 Minutes (86%)
Replenishment Cycle Reduced From 11 Days to 4 Days (64%)
Accomplished in 9 Months!

High Pressure Valves and Fittings:
Machined parts Lead Time cut from 8 weeks to 5 days
90% Reduction of Work-In-Process Inventory
95% Reduction of Finished Goods.   Went from Make to Stock to Assemble to Order
Space Requirements Reduced by 45%.   Eliminated one entire building
$3,000,000 in tax free cash generated via inventory reduction
Accomplished in 9 Months!

NOTE:   If you are less than thrilled with your Lean Manufacturing results to date, you might want to check out our “Lean Bench Marking” article.   This is what you SHOULD EXPECT in the first 9-12 months!

Jack Harrison

3 replies on “Client Results”

Do you have any information/examples on a poultry processing plant? We bring in live chickens, and put out 8 piece cut up chickens for KFC and Popeyes.

We haven’t worked specifically in the poultry industry, however, I suspect that you face many of the same issues we encountered in dealing with our large food processing and packaging client. Variability of product (size / weight), customer demand, availability of supply were a few of the issues faced. They also had similar perishability and sanitation issues.
Our client attained very impressive results, with an ROI well in excess of 30 to 1.

Hi Larry,
No, we’ve never worked in the poultry processing industry, but I suspect that you face many of the same issues that our food processing and packaging client had. Variability of the product itself (size, weight, etc.), variability of demand, and availability of supply, were a few.
The largest issues were perishability and health safety concerns. We addressed both the internal issues as well as the supply chain constraints. The results were spectacular: ROI in excess of 30 to 1. Give us a call.

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