About US

About US

The Hands-On Group was formed in 1988 with the sole purpose of helping client companies achieve dramatic, tangible results in extremely short time periods.  Our firm is internationally recognized for expertise in the principles and practices of Lean Manufacturing, organizational change, process improvement and human resource development.  In addition, we pride ourselves in developing long-term, mutually rewarding, professional relationships and transferring the knowledge and skills which allow our client companies to institutionalize the gains and continue the improvement process.

We have educated literally thousands of individuals and implemented lean manufacturing initiatives inside over 100 manufacturing facilities in 7 different countries.  Our exclusive Rapid Impact™ process has been honed during this time and focuses on the customer and what they want most: Cost, Quality, Short Lead Times and 100% Reliable (On Time) Deliveries.  This unique process actually forces the rapid transformation of traditional manufacturers to World Class Practices.

While many firms can teach the principles and practices of Lean Manufacturing, what sets us apart is our ability and desire to take classroom concepts and immediately implement them on the shop floor (or in the office area).  We don’t waste a lot of time teaching things that someday “might” be needed, but instead we focus on the tools and techniques which are immediately applicable.  If skills are needed in the future, we teach those at the appropriate point in time (often referred to as the “Teachable Moment”).  Our typical approach is 4 hours of classroom education followed immediately by 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 days of implementation.  And actual results include: 75% reduction in Lead Times and WIP inventory, 50% reduction in space, and 50% reductions in setup times, by the end of this first week!

Our Rapid Impact™ process does not work well inside all companies.  Although most of our clients have reached high levels of “success”, the ones who have truly excelled are those willing to err on the side of action and not study things to death before implementing.

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